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For the last eleven years Maestro Music Software has worked tirelessly to create one of the leading music notation and composition software programs available anywhere. We are constantly working to improve Maestro Composer and Maestro Notation in order to provide musicians like you with software that makes it easy to compose and publish high quality music

Powerful Features And Awesome Flexibility

With Maestro Composer or Maestro Notation you will find it easy to create great looking and sounding music regardless of your level of proficiency. Our programs provide you with the features and flexibility that professional musicians and publishers demand, yet are still easy to use for beginning musicians as well. Maestro Composer and Maestro Notation allow you to quickly write complex musical compositions while also making it easy to import, edit, print, and export those scores to many different formats.

Give Maestro Composer or Maestro Notation a try! Once you do we know that you will agree that they are simply the best music notation programs available on the planet!

Reviews and Awards


Maestro Composer and other our music notation products have received many different awards from popular and respected music and technology resources such as PC Magazine,, Chip, and many others.



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